The future - today


Creative Group is a leading Ukrainian integrated agro-industrial company, one of the largest processors of agricultural products in Ukraine , which is engaged in production of sunflower oil and meal, fats and margarines, soybean oil and meal, biofuel pellets and also agriculture – crop production  and livestock farming. Strategy of Creative Group provides dynamic development of key business directions, increasing of production capacity, and also improving of financial results of company and additional capital raising in business of the Group.

At the Ukrainian market Group now is one of the leaders in production of fats and margarines (with  market share of over 30%) and is among  3 top  Ukrainian processors of sunflower seeds, and also is one of the leading companies of soybean processing on installed capacities (with  share market about 24%).

 The Group includes own production facilities, in particular 9 plants located in Kirovograd region: 

  • 3 sunflower seed processing plants with a total capacity of about 1,1 million tons per year;
  • 4 plants for  production of modified fats and margarines with  total annual production capacity of over 200 thousand tons of finished products;
  • plant for soybean processing with  capacity of about  270 thousand tons per year;
  • agricultural enterprises:  plant for the production of pellets, crop farms, livestock-breeding complex;

Besides that, the Group has 8 elevator complexes in Kirovograd, Nikolayev, Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk and Sumy regions. Group also operates a land bank of 30 thousand hectares involved under agriculture.

For development of business and ensuring of its production facilities with high-quality raw materials Group actively cooperates with farming enterprises in all regions of Ukraine. The Group has own vehicle fleet consisting of more than 300 trucks, with help of which transports sunflower seeds, crude sunflower oil, tropical oils, fats, sunflower and soybean meal.

Creative Group sells its products both to industrial companies and among end-consumers. Group’s enterprises producing non-brand products and also products under TM "Sonola", TM "Delikon" TM "Divnoe", TM "Mum."  Group sells its products in all regions of Ukraine and exported it to more than 25 countries of the world.

Today 3200 employees is working in Creative Group work.